What Weight Darts are Best? – A Complete Guide To Dart Weights

Choosing the best dart weight is one of the most important things to consider when looking for the perfect dart. This is one of things you should aim to understand at an early stage to avoid having to buy a new set of darts later. If you have been trying to understand what is the best dart weight for you then this article has you covered.

What weight darts are best for you? Firstly it depends on whether you want to buy a steel tip or soft tip dart. Here is a breakdown of the most popular weights for both:

  • Soft tip darts – 16 or 18 grams
  • Steel tip darts – 22 – 26 grams

As a beginner you are unlikely to notice the effect of dart weights, therefore we would recommend starting with a lighter weight at first. As you improve your skill level you can then start to experiment with different weights to find the ideal dart weight for you. However, there is more to consider when thinking about weights, read on to find out more

What’s Included In This Article

What Weight Darts Are Best?

There is not one best dart weight for all players. Instead, there are a wide range of factors that influence what may be the best weight dart for each individual player.

These factors cause the weight to differ and include the type of dart (steel or soft tip), player style, throwing style, dart parts (barel, flight, shaft, tip), and more. We discuss all of this and more in detail below.

Best Dart Weight for Steel Tip Darts

The best dart weight for beginners who are using steel tip darts is 22 grams. The normal range of weights that are used in the professional game is 23 – 26 grams (tungsten barrel darts).

It is recommended that beginners start using lighter darts, as heavier darts are known to be faster and a little more difficult to control. As with all things new in sports, it is important to experiment to see which weight is the best fit for your game. Below you can find some of the more popular steel tip dart sets for beginners.

Best Dart Weight for Soft Tip Darts

The best dart weight for beginners who are using soft tip darts are 16 or 18 grams. It is worth noting that 20 gram soft tips are also used by some players, however lighter versions are preferred by beginners.

Historically soft tip darts have weighed a lot less because electronic dart boards could not withstand the weight of heavier darts. However, as the technology has improved it can now withstand weights of up to 20 grams. Below are some of the more popular soft tip darts for beginners.

Throwing Styles

There is not necessarily one correct way to throw a dart. Having said that, overtime you should aim to develop a consistency in your throwing style. Choosing the ideal dart weight for your game will help you to develop a consistent throwing style.

Straight or Direct Throwing Style

For players who throw the dart in a straight trajectory the ideal dart weight will be at the heavier end of the usual range. For these players the best dart weights are:

  • Ideal dart weight for soft tips – 16 grams
  • Ideal dart weight for steel tips – 23 grams

Looping Throwing Style

If you find that the dart is looping or coming at the dart board from an angle then a lighter dart would be more suitable to your game. In that case the best dart weights for you would be as follows:

  • Ideal dart weight for soft tips – 20 grams
  • Ideal dart weight for steel tips – 25 or 26 grams

What Parts of the Dart are Responsible for Weight Change?

Cork dartboards can be used in games that are purely for fun. For example, having your friends around for a few drinks. They are low quality and will fall apart quickly, for these reasons serious players would never use Cork dartboards.

It is a similar story with paper dartboards, where multiple layers of paper are fused together to make the board. However, the process is not common and a little out of date, as this type of dartboard also quickly falls apart when used.

The Dart Barrel Grip

When considering what weight darts are best you should think about the dart barrel grip. Dart Barrel Grips come in different shapes and sizes. Some are smooth and straight, others thick and jagged, in fact there is a wide range of different shapes, sizes, and designs when it comes to Dart Barrel Grips.

The Dart Barrel Grip affects how the weight is distributed along the dart. Some grips have most of the weight placed at the front, others at the back, while some have the weight evenly distributed. As with the different weights, it is recommended to try out different grips and see which one best suits your game and feels most comfortable when throwing.

Dart Shafts

There are many different shaft styles to choose from. Dart shafts often differ in terms of the material that is used to make them, and the style of the shaft itself.


Although fairly popular due to them being cheaper than other options, plastic shafts are usually lower quality. Plastic shafts are a reasonable option for beginners and those experimenting with the game, however, they often break when thrown with more regularity.


Aluminum shafts are known to be a step up from plastic due to the increased durability and overall quality of design.

Although solid and stylish, unfortunately these shafts are known to come loose and sometimes break, particularly with heavier darts. To counter this problem rubber-o-rings have been designed for players to fit between the shaft and the barrel.

Carbon-Fiber, Carbon-Composite

Carbon-Fiber shafts combine the advantages of both plastic and aluminum shafts. That is to say they are strong and durable like aluminum shafts, but lightweight like plastic shafts. Additionally, you don’t get the loosening issue you get with the aluminum shafts. However, you usually pay a bit more for these benefits.


Composite shafts are known to be very high quality and lightweight. As the name suggests a composite shaft combines materials to form one shaft. An aluminum section grips the dart’s flight, while a plastic section fits into the dart itself.

Other Considerations

What Does Dart Size Mean?

When people talk about dart size what they are referring to is the size of the mark it makes on the dart board, not the length of the dart. This is important to players because the smaller the size is the easier it is to put another dart right next to the one already on the board.

For example, the available room on the dartboard for the triple twenty is very small, so you want as much space available as possible for all three darts. This becomes easier if you have a smaller size.

What Dart Weights Do Professionals Use?

Although the range varies between professional players, the overall average weight used by professionals is 22 grams.

What weight Darts does MVG Use?

Michael Van Gerwen uses 23 gram XQ Max Darts as of the time of writing, they are fantastic darts.

What Weight Darts Does Phil Taylor Use?

As of retiring Phil Taylor used 26 gram Target Legacy Darts, they are excellent darts.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Dart Weights?

Darts can be bought in weights ranging from 12 – 50 grams. This is the range for international tournaments, however most steel tip darts fall into the 20 – 25 gram range. Essentially, the dart weight you choose is a matter of personal preference, so you need to choose the weight that feels most comfortable to you when playing.

Ultimately, the proof is pudding, test out different weights and see which weight you score the best with. Additionally, you should consider the size of the dart also as this affects the weight.


Final Thoughts

As a beginner it is recommended that you start off by using a lighter dart. There are a number of additional factors to consider when deciding what is the ideal dart weight for your game.

It is important that you try out different weights before deciding which darts to buy. Take some time out of your day to try out different weights, sizes, and barrel grips. Hopefully this article has given you a better understanding about what weight darts are best so that you can make an informed choice.

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