The 7 Best Soft Tip Darts in 2021

Choosing the best soft tip darts can be a bit of a headache these days. With so many options available, how can you be sure to choose the perfect set for your game? This article focuses on the best options for different players at all levels rather than simply naming the best 7 for professionals.

In a hurry? Here’s are top 3 picks:

What’s Covered In This Article


For each set on this list we cover the strengths by looking at the different parts of the dart, and how the overall finished product can benefit you as a player. We pay particular attention to the key elements of the dart, such as barrel material, shafts, and flights.

It is true that owning a good set of soft tip darts doesn’t come cheap. However, as with most things, spending a little bit more for a high quality product is likely to work out cheaper than buying and then having to upgrade.

That being said, we believe the soft tip dart sets listed below offer fantastic value for money for all players. Get ready, as we look at the best soft tip darts on the market today.

Harrows Avanti 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts are built using the very finest injection molded tungsten, with a specially designed grip divided into 7 different zones, and a perfect flight that is unique. This set comes in both 18 and 20 gram versions depending on your preference.

The 90% tungsten barrel is a mid-balanced barrel that is suitable for all players, regardless of whether you prefer to grip at the front, middle, or back. The darts themselves are made to the highest quality specifications using a complex design process that includes coating, recutting, and finishing.

The supergrip carbon shafts and Avanti flights ensure a smooth and consistent flight. These darts are extremely comfortable to hold and you are sure to notice an improved accuracy and consistency to your game after your first few throws.

All things considered, The Harrows Avanti 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts are a truly unique and stunning set of darts. Arguably the best soft tip darts on the market today for all reasons discussed. In addition to the unique build quality, the super cool green, black, and grey color combination gives these darts a uniquely stylish look.

  • Fantastic quality design and build
  • Slim profile for improved groupings
  • Superb flights for consistency in throwing
  • Supergrip carbon shafts
  • Expensive

Many players believe that the Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts are the best soft tip darts on the market today and you can see why. The incredibly high amount of tungsten in the barrel, and all round solid build gives players the highest possible performance from a set of darts.

The second addition of the very popular Harrows Wolfram dart, the infinity has both unbeatable feel and design. Available at both 18 and 20 gram weights, with a 97% tungsten barrel, and match weighed to + / – 0.05 grams, these darts are designed for professional level players.

The Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts are designed to the highest specifications using black titanium nitride and finished with striking red metallic coating. You are sure to notice the difference after your first few throws, as this eye-catching set will help you to take your game up to the next level.

The unique 97% tungsten barrel means the quality of these darts cannot be beaten. Measuring at 50mm, the much loved and highly rated slim barrel design is a thing of perfection. These darts are knurled in Japan using the highest quality machinery to create an incredible grip. You will really feel the quality when you throw these darts, there is a precision and consistency that is unique in the game today.

Finally, the red and black Supergrip fusion shafts and prime flights ensure the perfect consistency and flight when throwing. All things considered, this is a special set of darts and we feel they offer great value for money considering the overall quality.

  • 97% tungsten barrel
  • Supergrip fusion shafts
  • Slim profile for better grouping Prime flights
  • Fragile

When players talk about the best soft tip darts it is easy to see why the Viper Astro 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts are often mentioned. If you are looking for a very high quality dart from one of the most recognizable names in the business, then look no further. Viper Astro are made from 80% tungsten, 20% nikle, resulting in great feel and performance for players.

You can rely on the Viper Astro dart for the very best grip when throwing. Offering players a knurled barrel with diamond-cut etchings and rings, you are sure to feel the quality of high end precision engineering when using these darts.

The aluminium shafts used to house these darts are also of the highest quality and are incredibly lightweight. The shafts feature locking holes for improved performance and stability, this means players don’t need to worry about retightening multiple times during play as with other darts.

Just when you thought this set couldn’t offer anymore, you will be pleased to know that the Viper Astro set comes with additional extras. These include; three extra nylon replacement shafts, thirteen 2BA Tufflex II Tips, Dart mechanic repair tool, accessory bag and Tactech case. Not bad!

Overall, Viper Astro darts are one of the finest sets on the market. The structure and feel of these darts are fantastic, ensuring that players enjoy the improved performance when compared to other brands.

  • Solid build
  • Slim profile
  • Great grip
  • High quality case
  • Flights quality

The Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts are simply one of the best soft tip dart sets that money can buy. This is another set featuring on our list that is designed with professionals and high level players in mind. Here at we love The Viper Diamond set because they offer the very highest quality to players with a 90% tungsten barrel at a fantastic price.

The high density of tungsten in these darts give them an ultra thin profile. This allows for tighter groupings on the board, leading to increased performance and higher scoring. You pay a higher price for darts with such a high density of tungsten because it is rare and takes more complex manufacturing to design and make. However, the resulting darts are perfect for those who require the very highest performance from their darts.

The stylish slim profile is built with aerodynamics in mind for perfect flight out of the hand. The barrels are designed for consistent placement and offer the perfect grip. The knurled bands, deep groves, and rings have been engineered into the dart’s design with precision to offer players the perfect grip.

The Viper Diamond darts set feature diamond cut aluminum shafts which come equipped with locking holes. The tighter fitting applied in the locking holes result in a dart which has both improved stability and reduced need for retightening during play.

Finally, this set comes with additional extras, including a set of convex nylon shafts, flights, flight protectors, 2BA dart points and a dart mechanic wrench. With each soft tip weighing 18 grams they are also the perfect weight. An excellent dart all round and fantastic value for money.

  • 90% tungsten barrels
  • High quality design and feel
  • Excellent grip
  • Stylish profile
  • Pricey

With a 95% tungsten barrel, streamlined design for maximum speed and precision, and smooth grip for the perfect flight, the Viper Sinister 95% Tungsten Soft Tip is a dart for serious players. When Viper designed this dart they had one thing in mind, to design the best professional soft tip dart in the game.

With both 16 and 18 gram versions available, the barrel itself comes in three different design options, teardrop, beveled, and contoured. All designs are super slim and put the player in full control of the dart. The smoothness and slim design of the barrel creates excellent gripping points and allows for tighter grouping of shots when going for that triple twenty.

The Viper Sinister 95% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart is built with an aluminum shaft for improved stability. This strong design features locking holes for improved tightness and security. The flights have been designed with aerodynamics in mind, delivering accuracy on a consistent basis.

Overall, The Viper Sinister 95% Tungsten Soft Tip Dart delivers the high performance needed by professional dart players. This dart has a strong and durable design and looks very stylish. Additionally, the set comes with a few extras, including, 6 2BA Tufflex Tips soft tip dart points, and 6 heavy duty 100 micron thick high speed flights.

  • Solid and stable design
  • Fantastic smooth grip
  • High quality thin flights
  • A bit pricey

The Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip Darts weigh 18 grams and come in two versions, 90% tungsten and 80% tungsten. These darts are built with aerodynamics in mind and deliver the perfect flight. When you throw the very reasonable price into the picture also, we don’t think you will find better value for money in today’s market.

The super dense 90% tungsten versions are worth the money in our opinion as they are that bit thinner allowing for better scoring. These darts are perfect for players looking to improve their game, this is because they offer professional level quality at beginner level price. The high quality build and design enables better control when throwing the dart.

This set comes fully equipped with an extremely cool SideRider case which clips onto your belt for convenience when playing and transporting. Additional extras include, 3 spare flights, 7 spare point tips, and 3 spare shafts. Throw in a 1 year warranty for good measure and it really is a great deal.

In summary, we feel The Arachnid Tungsten Soft Tip Darts are the perfect option for those looking to take their game up a level or two. The key features of these darts are a strong build, stylish design, and fantastic value.

  • Great aerodynamics
  • Thin profile allow for tighter groupings
  • Easy to control and score higher
  • Unconventional design

The RED DRAGON Amberjack Soft Tips offer incredible value for money. For this reason we think that this set is a great option for beginner level players, and those looking to step their game up a gear.

This dart has a very stylish design, with players saying that it both looks and feels great. Just as importantly, it comes with a 90% tungsten barrel, extra thick flights for improved throwing and accuracy, and knurled grip for great handling.

Overall, the RED DRAGON Amberjack Soft Tip: 18g – Tungsten Steel Soft Tip Darts are a fantastic set of darts. We are sure that you will not find better value for money for a beginner level set on the market today.

  • 90% tungsten at half the usual price
  • Hardcore extra thick flights
  • Very stylish and sleek design
  • Weak Shaft


Are Soft Tip Darts Any Good?

Yes, just read some of the reviews above! Soft tip darts have come a long way since they were first invented purely for reasons of convenience and safety. These days, the best soft tip dart sets can easily match their steel tip counterparts.

If convenience is your thing then soft tips are the best option for you. You will not need to put your math skills to test because the score is kept for you when using an electronic scoreboard. Furthermore, soft tips are safer than steel tips, this is particularly important if there are children near the dartboard.

What Is The Best Weight For Soft Tip Darts?

The most common weights for soft tip darts are 16, 18, and 20 grams. The term ‘best’ is somewhat loaded in this case, as it is a matter of preference. The best thing you can do is try different weights and see which weight feels the most comfortable and which weight you score highest with consistently.

What Is The Best Brand For Soft Tip Darts?

There are many fantastic soft tip dart brands out there . Harrows, Viper, Red Dragon, Arachnid, and CyeeLife are some of the most recognizable soft tip dart brands.

These are just a few names, but these brands really offer some fantastic products that are suitable to players of all levels. However, we would recommend that you focus on a particular dart set, and judge it on it’s quality as a standalone product rather than focus on brand.

Who Is The Best Soft Tip Dart Player?

As of the time of writing the best soft tip dart player in the world is Boris Krcmar of Croatia. He holds the number 1 spot with 147 points and a total prize money sum of $23,200. Other entries on the list of the best soft tip dart players in the world include Paul Lim of Singapore (number 2), and FB Leung of Hong Kong (number 3).

What Is A Tungsten Soft Tip Dart?

Tungsten is a type of very dense metal. The best soft tip darts usually have tungsten barrels. Before the 1970s darts were mainly made from brass, but during this period the material manufactures used changed to Tungsten.

Pure tungsten is very brittle, therefore manufacturers mix it together with other metals. The mixing process is completed in a mound, which is then opened to form a ‘billet’. The billet is then formed into the desired shape, length, and form depending on the specifications. This final design is known as the dart barrel.

Why Is A Tungsten Dart Preferable To Brass?

There are a number of reasons why tungsten is a better material than brass for darts. The first, and most important, is that tungsten darts are thinner.

Because darts that are made from tungsten are very dense it means that these darts can be made at the same weight with half the diameter. That is a big advantage as it means you can fit more darts into the triple 20 in one score. Therefore, if two players of equal ability are both trying to get 3 darts into the triple 20, the player using Tungsten darts has a greater chance of success because after putting one or two darts in, that player has more space left to get the final dart in.

Another reason that tungsten is preferable is that it is a more durable material. Over time a dart becomes worn and loses it’s precise shape as created by the manufacturer. This is an important factor to consider, especially for players who play regularly.

Why Are Tungsten Darts More Expensive Than Other materials?

The process of making a tungsten dart is fairly complex using a range of expensive machinery and materials. Firstly the billet needs to be created and molded at very high temperatures. Then the grip can be created by cross-cutting the billet, a process known as knurling.

Furthermore, a high density of tungsten powder makes the dart brittle, this is the reason why manufacturers use a mixture of other materials to form the finished product. To compensate for the brittleness, tungsten darts are usually mixed in with other materials from a range of 70% – 95% tungsten. Darts made with a lower density of tungsten are usually cheaper, higher density tungsten darts are very difficult to make and are more expensive.

Final Thoughts

The best soft tip darts are the Harrows Avanti 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts, Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts, and the Viper Astro 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts. Each of these sets, as well as the others on this list, offer an incredible variety of features to players.

There are many things to consider when choosing the best soft tip darts to suit your game. Durability, value for money, design features such as shaft material, and the percentage of tungsten in the barrel are just some of things to look out for.

Now you have a better understanding of the best soft tip darts and what they can offer you as a player. Each dart set has its own strengths so take a moment to consider what is important to you as a player before buying.

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