Dart Tip Sizes – A Complete and Detailed Guide for Beginners

Does dart tip size matter? The short answer is yes! If you are looking for a detailed guide on dart tip sizes, then you have landed on the right website. However, if you are in a rush here is the quick answer:

What size dart tips do I need? 2ba is a standard British Association size. Here are the measurements for a 2ba dart:

  • Length of point: 40.21 mm
  • Total Length: 43.59
  • Maximum Diameter: 3.45 mm
  • Tip or Point Diameter: 2.45 mm

What’s Included In This Article


Who doesn’t want to learn how to throw a dart perfectly? We want to get the perfect shot at the pub and get cheered on for it. It’s a quick, fun sport that is exciting and brings you the incredible adrenaline rush you need.

We have all seen professionals like Phil Taylor who throw with such precision, hitting triple twenty time and time again! But, if you want to get to that level of perfection, you need to understand the sport. One important factor is the dart tip size. 

Sure, playing darts can be a fun idle activity. However, there are also professional dart players who perform at incredible levels. It’s a competitive sport that people enjoy greatly. 

What is the real secret to hitting a bullseye or triple twenty? Well, it’s all about the technique and the dart itself. If you didn’t know much about darts before, then you are about to find out some fascinating technical facts about the game. We have put together a detailed guide about dart tip sizes and types for you.

What is the size of a dart tip?

We have all seen dart tips that cling to the dartboard when you throw them, while others bounce off more often. There are different types of dart tip sizes and materials that you can choose from. Each of them offers something unique. 

Steel Dart tips are crafted with tungsten, brass, nickel, and copper combinations. The most popular and widely used dart tip by professional dart players is tungsten. Of course, it is more expensive, but you get a more durable, slimmer, and balanced dart with the extra dollars. 

The diameter of the dart is quite essential because it plays a critical role in determining the flight and dart’s strike. Most commonly, the diameter of an average dart is 2ba. Experts consider it to be the ideal size for efficiently throwing the dart in the professional game. 

2ba is a standard British Association size. Here are the measurements for a 2ba dart: 2.45 mm

  • Length of point: 40.21 mm
  • Total Length: 43.59
  • Maximum Diameter: 3.45 mm
  • Tip or Point Diameter: 2.45 mm

What is the difference between a Soft Tip and Steel Tip Dart?

It can be confusing for a novice dart player to understand what dart tip thread sizes are. 

You need to know that dart tips are not actual threads but just the thin tips that shape the point that sticks into the dartboard. The standard thread size for a soft dart tip is 8 mm, but the size tends to vary depending upon the rest of the structure of the dart. 

A dart consists of four main sections, the dart point or tip, the barrel, flight, and the shaft. A dart is designed to have equal weight on all sides or have a weighted body that’s heavier on the barrel’s side. 

What you need to understand is that the dart tip and thread play a crucial role in the structure of the dart and its flight. Therefore, if you want to buy a set of darts, you should start with 2ba thread darts.

What is a dart thread?

The best dart weight for beginners who are using soft tip darts are 16 or 18 grams. It is worth noting that 20 gram soft tips are also used by some players, however lighter versions are preferred by beginners.

Historically soft tip darts have weighed a lot less because electronic dart boards could not withstand the weight of heavier darts. However, as the technology has improved it can now withstand weights of up to 20 grams. Below are some of the more popular soft tip darts for beginners.

Dart Tip Thread Sizes

Most players don’t know that the diameter or size of dart tip thread matters greatly, but we are here to get you the right information on this. 

There are 6mm and 8mm sizes available in the market when it comes to dart thread sizes. As previously discussed, the 6mm thread size is more popular and commonly used because it is lighter. In addition, the thinner dart tip size allows for a tighter grouping of darts.

6mm dart threads have become standard in the modern game as dart barrels have become slimmer. With the smaller sized thread and a dart that has a slimmer profile, players can enjoy a stable flight when throwing, group the darts tighter, and ultimately score higher than they could in the past. 

On the other hand, the 8mm thread sizes are heavier but have an authentic and antique history. Historically, players have used 8mm threads.

What about soft tip dart thread sizes? What’s the difference?

In short, there is no difference. Soft tip dart thread sizes are not much different from standard sizes. You will find the same 6 mm and 8mm variety

The only major difference is the material. With soft tips, you are looking at plastic tips created with a mix of soft and hard plastic. This type of dart tip offers greater flexibility and is great for beginners.

Final Thoughts

In summary, there is very little difference when it comes to sizes between steel and plastic dart tips. The 2ba standard applies across competitive leagues and tournaments.

Additionally, dart tips can be made from a variety of materials. Steel tips are usually made from a mixture of metals whereas soft tips are made from soft and hard plastic.

Finally, the standard thread sizes for dart tips are 6mm and 8mm. In the past 8mm threads were the standard, however, as barrels have become smaller players now prefer to use 6mm threads.

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