Best Soft Tip Dart Points in 2021


Having a good set of soft tip dart replacement points is essential to your soft tip dart game. There is no doubt that playing darts with soft tips on an electronic board is a great way to enjoy the game. Whether you are having a few friends around or practicing improving your game on your own, throwing a few soft tips while letting the electronic scoreboard take care of the math for you is a great way to enjoy an evening.

However, one thing that can put a halt to proceedings is if the soft tip dart point breaks during play. This can be even more frustrating if you don’t have soft tip dart replacement points at home. In this article we review the Best Soft Tip Dart Points in 2021.

The LSTYLE Dart Tips: Premium Lippoint Soft Tip Dart Points are widely regarded as the number 1 soft tips in the game today. There are many reasons for this, including the high quality design specification and incredible durability of these tips.

These soft tip dart replacement points are designed to fit the 2ba threaded barrel which is standard across the game. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about these tips not fitting your darts. 

However, what makes the thread for these barrels unique is the fastening thread designed to lock tight to the darts barrel. This means loosening between the barrel and point is reduced which leads to less damage when playing. This means that with these points you can spend time thinking about your game rather than the dart you are using.

In addition to the unique thread it is worth mentioning the very high quality design specifications that the L-Style premium soft tip dart points are made to. They are manufactured to fit and work well with any electronic board so you don’t need to worry about compatibility with your board at home. 

The finger grips on these points are one of the unique factors that make them the most popular in the game today. The L-Style premium tip has an additional finger grip at the and as well as a patterned tip to help them stick to the board.

The final point worth mentioning about the design is how strong and durable the L-Style premium tips are. Designed in Japan using a unique modeling process that gives them a bombshell-like shape and makes them incredibly strong. 

  • Strength and durability
  • Fastening thread for extra tightness
  • Unique finger grip and tip texture
  • Smaller pack size than some competitors

The Tufflex III 2BA Thread Soft Tip Dart Points are the latest addition in Soft Tip Points from Viper, one of the most trusted, well-known, and respected brands in the game. Designed to the standard 2BA specification, you can be assured that these high quality soft tips will be compatible with the vast majority of darts and boards.

There are a few things that set The Tufflex III 2BA Thread Soft Tip Dart Points apart from other points in the game and make them truly unique. Available in a variety of colors, their sleek design and profile will make throwing a pleasure for the player, as well as adding style to your game.

However, these soft tip dart points are not just known for looking great, they also pack a punch. They are known in the game for their incredible strength and durability.

During the manufacturing process the cone of the tip is reinforced to make it extra durable, and able to withstand the pressure of hitting the board time and time again. This means that you will not have to buy another pack of replacement points for a very long time once you have made the investment.

As well as their strength and durability they also have a locking hole. The locking hole design in the Tufflex III 2BA Thread Soft Tip Dart Points gives them an extra tight fitting. This means that the likelihood of loosening and decoupling with the barrel is greatly reduced. Therefore you can concentrate on your game during play rather than any problems that may occur between the tip and barrel of your dart.

Overall, there are many strengths and advantages to buying a set of Tufflex III 2BA Thread Soft Tip Dart Points. We love the style and slim sleek profile of these soft tip points, as well as their usability and durability.

  • Highly compatible
  • Very strong and durable
  • Easy removal and fitting
  • Stylish and available in a range of colors
  • Not many buying options

The US Darts 2BA Dart Master Pro Points Soft Tips pride themselves on being the professionals choice for soft tip replacement points. These soft tips are all about achieving maximum performance during game play.

The special ridge half way down the Dart Master Pro Points is designed to grab onto the board. This enhances performance and boosts high scoring capability by reducing bounce outs. In addition, the reduction of bounce outs is also likely to your darts lasting longer as they will be hitting the floor less.

The Dart Master Pro Points come in a standard 2BA size for compatibility with the vast majority of dart barrels. Also worth noting is that they can be used with 99.9% of modern electronic boards, so you will have no compatibility issues.

Finally, as well as being professional level soft tip points, the US Darts 2BA Dart Master Pro Points are well known for their ease of removal and replacement features. The specialized tightening notch makes it particularly easy to unscrew and replace.

In summary, it is easy to see why Dart Master Pro Points are considered to be great soft tip dart replacement points. They are a great option for those who want the very highest performance from their soft tip points. They have a fantastic slim profile and are designed to the highest quality. In addition, they have great performance capability and are easy to use.

  • High performance
  • Slim profile
  • Easy removal and replacement
  • Highly compatible
  • Only 250 bag size available

The Tufflex Super Short 2ba Soft Tip Dart Tips are another great option from Viper. As most professionals will tell you, when it comes to choosing darts and accessories it is a matter of player preference. Therefore, if you like a shorter tip on your darts then this is the option for you.

Just because these soft tip dart replacement points are super short don’t think that they compromise on quality in any way. Actually, quite the opposite is true, as with most things Viper when it comes to darts, they excel in both performance and quality.

These soft tip points are renowned for their strength and durability. The short design makes them extra strong, so that they are able to withstand the pressure of hitting the board many times more than the average soft tip replacement.

This increased durability is good news for players, meaning that the standard 100 pack is going to last you a very long time. However, if you really want to avoid ever buying another replacement pack then you can pay a bit more and purchase the 1000 piece bag.

Overall, the Tufflex Super Short 2ba Soft Tip Dart Tips from Viper is an excellent option for those who appreciate small tips with incredible strength. Furthermore, the standard 2BA fit size and high performance level of this product ensures it will meet all your needs in terms of a soft tip point for your dart.

  • Extra strong and durable
  • Super short design for player preference
  • Locking hole for tight and secure fit
  • Easy removal and fitting
  • Bag size availability

The Wolftop 2BA Thread Soft Tip Dart Points measure 1 inch without thread and come in the standard 2BA size. This high performance Plastic Dart Tips Replacement Dart Accessories Set offers great value for money with the larger 300 piece bag costing just $9.99.

The nylon material used to make these soft tip points is very strong and highly durable. They are designed to withstand the force of a 20 gram dart hitting the board behind them. Therefore, you can be assured that these points will last you a very long time.

The stylish design gives them a great look and feel. Furthermore, these soft tip points have been designed with an extra tight fitting and easy removal and replacement in mind. 

Overall, the Wolftop 2BA Thread Soft Tip Dart Points is a great option for players of all levels. They are well designed, highly durable, and very stylish.

  • High quality material
  • Great performance
  • Great value
  • Highly durable
  • Known to be bendy

Why Invest in Good Quality Soft Tip Dart Points?

Having great soft tip dart replacement points is advantageous for many reasons. Many people prefer to buy cheap replacement soft tips in bulk which is fine, however we wouldn’t recommend this and here’s why.

Firstly, having a good quality tip can improve your game. ‘Bounce Outs’ happen when the dart hits the board and bounces off and onto the floor instead of sticking in it. This negatively impacts your ability to score high, and is also costly as even expensive darts can break after continuously hitting the floor. Bounce outs are less likely with quality soft tip points.

There are also additional benefits of having a high quality soft tip dart points to your game. As well as adding style to your game, a good quality point also helps with the dart’s flight when you throw it. 

Final Thoughts

Paying for a very good set of replacement soft tips for darts is a very worthwhile investment. It will cost you a couple of dollars more than an average or poor set of points. However, there are many benefits, they will last you much longer, improve your scoring, and are more convenient when replacing.

Much thought and skill has gone into designing all of the options above, therefore we feel they offer great value for money. Preference is of key importance when choosing dart accessories, so take a second to check out the options in this article before making your purchase.

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