5 Best Dartboard Lighting Systems for 2021

Are you looking for the best dartboard lighting system on the market today? If so, this is the article for you. Here we cover the best features, cool extras, and what lighting system meets your specific requirements.

So that’s it right? Just pick the top one and you’re good to go? Well, not exactly. Each lighting system has different features so which one you choose to buy will depend on your specific needs.

Choosing the best dartboard lighting system will bring style to your dartboard setup, and also help to improve your game by giving all-round great performance. If you would like to know more about what each system has to offer, then read on…

The Corona Vision Light System from Target hits number 1 on our list because we feel it offers players the best value for money. It has all-round high quality solid design, durability, craftsmanship, and a wide variety of features for players to enjoy. You can see why many professionals covsider this to be the best dartboard lighting system.

The Corona Vision Light system uses the very latest in LED technology and 125 individual lights to give players a smooth and clear view of their dartboard. The 360 degree design means shadows on the dartboard are a thing of the past, giving players a consistent view that other lighting systems cannot rival.

One of the key features of The Corona Vision Light system is it’s magnetic attachment, which makes it very easy and convenient to attach to your dartboard. The magnetic attachment easily grips onto the compression ring of the dartboard which removes much of the hassle of setup.

Additionally, this cool feature gives the The Corona Vision Light system the advantage of working with a cabinet set, as it can easily be removed when closing the cabinet. Just be aware that not all dart boards have a magnetic compression ring, so check your dartboard first before buying.

  • Compatibility with almost any dartboard bracket
  • Superb all round quality
  • Easy to install
  • Value for money
  • Battery operated only

The Solar Flare Dartboard Surround from Unicorn is one of the best dartboard lighting systems. Unicorn is a household name in darts and well-known for offering players quality products. This fantastic system offers players an incredible 360 degrees of non-glare illumination.

The Solar Flare is well known for being an extremely high quality product. It includes a one piece molded body and cast aluminium front cover. It is an incredibly strong product that offers players a lightweight solution to their lighting needs whilst being very flexible.

There is no doubt that The Solar Flare offers a stylish solution to your lighting needs when playing. It gives allround illumination and works well in both well lit and darker environments. Furthermore, it adds focus to the board and helps players to improve their game.

The Solar Flare comes equipped with two sets of retention legs that can be used with or without a surround. If you are using a surround you can easily install the retention legs and slot The Solar Flare between the dartboard and the surround. If you are not using a surround then simply use the second set of retention legs and the system will simply click into place.

  • Excellent LED lighting system
  • Durable lightweight design
  • 360 degree illumination
  • Fits most dartboards
  • Pricey

The Plasma Dartboard Light from Winmau adds excellent visibility and brings clarity to the dartboard. The flawless design includes a one piece aluminum constructed product which is lightweight and incredibly strong.

Players using The Plasma Dartboard Light report that the light is bright and looks amazing It is very easy to install, and is an allround high quality product. The 360 illumination gives players dynamic light covering all parts of the board, some consider this to be the best dartboard lighting system available on the market.

The main area of difference between The Plasma Dartboard Light and the first two entries on this list is that The Plasma Dartboard Light is inserted onto the dartboard, whereas the other systems are inserted onto the surrounds. It is worth noting that The Plasma Dartboard Light will fit easily with the vast majority of bristle dartboards.

  • High performance
  • Slim profile
  • Easy removal and replacement
  • Highly compatible
  • Only 250 bag size available

The Viper Shadow Buster Dartboard Display Light offers players an excellent, high quality, affordable solution to their dartboard lighting needs. This system brings style and focus to your dartboard setup at a more affordable price than other options on this list.

The Shadow Buster Dartboard Display Light offers players a stylish design with thin lights that don’t distract when playing. It will enhance your visibility in both light and dark rooms and help to improve your game by adding focus to the board.

The system comes fully equipped with an AC adapter. This gives players the option to charge using batteries or the adaptor. Once finished you can simply flip The Shadow Buster up on top of the cabinet for easy storage.

  • 132 LED lights give great coverage
  • Sleek and robust design
  • Compatible with most dartboard cabinets
  • Screw fitting system can be time consuming

The BIGLIGHT Dartboard Light is a fully wireless unique solution to your lighting needs. With a stylish sophisticated look and design, this affordable option will put your dartboard at the center of your games room.

Additionally, The BIGLIGHT Dartboard Light comes with many cool features. The lighting direction is adjustable because the arm of the light can be rotated 180 degrees. It has 3 different lighting modes and the light is also dimmable. You can adjust simply by pressing the + or – button.

Finally, The BIGLIGHT Dartboard Light comes with an optional auto off timer so no more forgetting to turn the lights off. Players report that the system is very easy to set up, and is also multipurpose, so can be used to light up works of art, mirrors, etc.

  • Fully wireless
  • Adjustable arm
  • Great value for money
  • Lighting coverage may not be full in all cases


What is best way to light a dartboard?

When setting up your dartboard at home you may start to think about how to light a dartboard, and what is best way to light a dartboard? When lighting a dartboard you are looking to achieve an even balance of light to all parts of the board. The lighting systems in this article achieve this objective with great efficiency and style.

What does LED stand for?

LED stands for light-emitting diode.

What are LED lights?

LED lights work by passing an electrical current through a microchip, in turn light is then produced when the current passes through the chip. It is the chip that illuminates the light source that we know as LED. Furthermore, LED lights are known to be considerably more efficient than standard light bulbs and have a much longer lifespan.

If LED lights are important to you when choosing a dartboard lighting system then we would recommend the TARGET Corona Vision Light. You can check out the review above for more information.

Final Thoughts

When choosing the best dartboard lighting system it is important to consider your own preferences first and then view the market. As with all things when it comes to dart products, there are a varitey of great options depending on your needs.

Whether you are choosing a dartboard lighting system for your games room at home, a bar, or any other room, the systems on this list will cover your needs. There are some great options that offer full compatibility, value for money, durability, and incredible performance.

Finally, these dartboard lighting systems will bring focus to your dartboard and make it the centerpiece of your room. They add style and sophistication to your dartboard setup and bring it up to professional standards.

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